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With massage balls, you can practice all over your body

Website editor:│ Time:2019-04-01 

In recent years, a very popular massage ball among working people, a small one, has been claimed to eliminate fatigue and soreness, and not only the long-sitting shoulder and neck fatigue, but also the muscle soreness caused by fitness exercise can be solved together. Is there really such a magic? What is the principle of massage balls? If you want to use massage balls, how to use them correctly so as not to hurt your body? The following article collates the opinions of fitness experts and rehabilitation experts to help you quickly understand the role and use of massage balls.

Introduction to massage ball

What is a massage ball? In fact, the massage ball came into existence in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the massage ball was an iron ball with small protrusions on it, also known as Baoding massage ball. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, massaging acupoints with this massage ball has the effect of relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation and eliminating fatigue.
Nowadays, most massage balls are made of PVC plastic, which is more flexible and safe to massage. The main principle is to alleviate and eliminate muscle pain by stimulating the pain points. What is a trigger point? When the muscle is too tense for a long time to relax the muscle fibers in a certain part, those areas are called trigger points. These stimuli can cause pain, also known as myofascial pain syndrome, which sounds complex, but in fact is commonly known as muscle soreness.
Muscle tension can cause pain because of the fascia in the outer layer of the muscle. The fascia wraps the muscles like a fresh-keeping membrane (recalling when eating fried chicken, the skin will be torn open with a layer of membrane, that is, fascia). When the muscles are tense, the change of the position relationship between the muscles and fascia will cause pain. At this time, it is necessary to stimulate these pain points, help the muscles relax, and then ease the pain. Massage balls are tools used to stimulate these pain spots.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of massage balls, ranging from the most basic ball with small protuberances to Peanut-Rice massage balls, long yoga drums, patented special balls, and even some people directly use tennis as massage balls. Although the types, materials and shapes are different, the principles of massage balls are the same: by stimulating pain points, to help muscle relax. 。
Teaching of Massage Ball Usage
In fact, how to use massage ball? Although it can be used in different parts, but the use of massage ball is roughly the same.
Firstly, we use massage balls to roll around sore muscles and feel the area where the muscles are particularly painful, that is, the point of pain we are aiming at.
Roll slowly up and down the muscles where the stimulus point is located several times with a massage ball. Stay at the stimulus point for 2-3 seconds. When the massage ball is stimulated to the stimulus point, you will feel the pain deep in the muscles. Generally speaking, as long as it is within the tolerable range, the pain feeling is normal.
As the number of times the massage ball goes back and forth increases, the pain at the stimulus point will gradually ease, indicating that the muscles are slowly relaxing, and the massage ball has begun to play a role. If the pain is too much to bear, you can pause for a while before resuming massage. Rehabilitation therapists recommend that massage in the same place should not stay for more than 30 seconds, otherwise it will cause poor blood circulation.
While massaging, deep breathing can be used to relax the muscles more deeply. In addition, you can also do some stretching exercises with massage fascia, which can help muscle recovery, and is very helpful to increase the effect of muscle training.
Generally, massage balls can be operated by hand directly. In some special positions, they can be operated by floor or wall, for example:
Foot sole: The muscles of the sole of the foot are seldom painful because of tension, but in fact, most people are very tense as long as they walk or run outside for a long time, and even produce plantar fasciitis in serious cases. As long as you step on the massage ball with your foot, you can do massage on the floor to help the sole of your foot, which is the simplest and cheaper method of foot massage.
Back Muscles: The office worker's long-term hunched back to the computer, the back is easy to ache, but if the back muscles rely on their own hands, it is usually difficult to fully massage. At this time, you can use peanut rice massage ball, shaped like a peanut, the middle depression is exactly where the spine is stuck. As long as you lie flat on the ground, you can massage your back, even the small muscles near the spine can be massaged.
Button: Sorrow near the buttock is also a common problem for many office workers, especially in the upper part of the buttock near the waist, as long as you sit for a long time, it is easy to feel sour. At this time, massage ball can be placed on the outside of the hip, lying on the ground on the side of the body can start massage.