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Yoga Ball is a new baby toy favorite. Teach you some new ways to play ball with baby

Website editor:admin│ Time:2019-04-19 

Yoga balls are usually more than 25 centimeters in diameter. Basically, Yoga mothers have one hand. This kind of ball is big enough to play hide-and-seek game for young babies. Mothers, find out the balls that may have accumulated dust in your home and play with your children.

Hide-and-seek is the simplest and most effective game to help children understand the concept of "permanence of things". Newly born babies will think that as long as they can't see things, they will disappear. It is not until about 6 months that they begin to understand slowly that things still exist even if they can't see them.

But because of this, many children began to feel anxious, and parents began to cry as soon as they left, hoping that their parents would come back. At this time, through such hide-and-seek game, can alleviate this anxiety to a certain extent.

When the child will sit alone and climb, let the child push the ball, or parents push the ball for the child to catch. Some children are afraid of catching the ball when they grow up. The first reaction when they see the ball is to hold their head. In fact, it is likely that they did not exercise their visual judgment ability when they were young and could not judge the speed of the ball well. And this push-ball game is the most basic visual exercise, which is helpful to the far and near focusing of the eyes.

When the child can sit alone, can also help the child sit on the ball up and down jump shaking, or shaking around, this is also a good balance ability and sense of coordination exercise. If parents can shake the ball and sing some nursery rhymes rhythmically, it will help to develop their children's sense of rhythm.

When the child is 2 years old, if the parents have some basic sports yoga, they can start some parent-child yoga with the child, which is a very good means to exercise and promote parent-child relationship