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Antarctica Yoga - July 2021 Huang Daxian rocket flow comprehensive improvement workshop Nantong, Jiangsu Province

Website editor:admin│ Time:2021-04-25 

Wang Ziwen's fancy Yoga clock out is amazing that she can be so powerful. She is called a "Yoga blogger" who has been delayed by her acting career.

Wang Ziwen's private education is him!
Huang Weiyang / Huang Daxian
He is the little prince of inverted and backward bending in yoga world. He is nicknamed "Wong Tai Sin"
Da Xian has always stressed that "there is a kind of excellence called daily persistence, not born like this!"

Huang Weiyang / Huang Daxian
Star Wang Ziwen special private teacher
Founder of China's "Daxian yoga"
Major network platforms and yoga magazine teachers
Tutor of "ten thousand people Yoga Festival" in 2018 international slow City
Founder and tutor of the first Nanjing yoga master meeting
Ryt300 hour Instructor Certification of national Yoga Federation
Advanced Hatha Yoga 500 hour tutor qualification
Ashtanga Yoga 2000 hours
Rocket flow advanced certification
Five day workshop for teacher David in astonga
More than 20000 hours of teaching, training and practice experience

source: 南极星瑜伽社